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Our Mission Is to Prevent Violence via Self Defense Education

Level 5 Combat Systems (L5CS) is real life, reality based (RBSD), self defense and defensive tactics distilled from decades of martial arts training and research. We present a hard-hitting skill set to be used when counter violence is the only answer. This is truly where self defense meets self offense.  We put on self defense classes and seminars for men and women as well as concealed carry classes. These classes are reality based, easy to learn, empowering, fun and effective. They will get your adrenaline and blood pumping while teaching you to enhance your own security and safety.

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Colorado Concealed Carry

Level 5 Combat Systems offers Colorado Concealed Carry classes courses – covering everything you need to get your CCW/CHP in Colorado and many other states.  Students have said “this is the best concealed carry class I have taken.”

Women's Self Defense

We teach Women’s Self Defense through Boulder Valley School District’s Lifelong Learning program as well as at other venues by request.

Pilot and Flight Crew Training

Specialized training is done for U.S. Air carriers as well. This has been implemented for pilots and flight crew to handle different scenarios from unruly/unwilling/belligerent passengers to counter terrorism on board the aircraft. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a class.

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Real world applications

Great training with real world applications

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