Aircraft and Crew Protection – aka Counterterrorism Aboard the Aircraft


aircraft cutaway

Do you know how to defend yourself or your aircraft should you need to?  Maybe you have taken the TSA security class yet feel you would like more training.  We have taught hundreds of pilots and crew how to defend their passengers and aircraft against different threats from the non-compliant, intoxicated passenger to those who want to exit while the plane is en route to terrorism. This class is best done at your facility, but can be done off site if needed. Classes are customized to suit your needs.



Classes cover:

  • Take down and restraint (decreases time from minutes to seconds)
  • Striking
  • Weapons
  • Use of environment
  • Emergency exit protection
  • Tactics and more!

Due to the nature of the material this class is offered only to verified flight crew.  Current air carrier credentials required.  No exceptions.

This is offered as a certification program for individual pilots or airline sponsored.  Get on board and learn how to keep your passengers safer.

Testimonial: In 13 years of doing these security classes, yours is by far the best. (Anonymous pilot, 2014)

Testimonial: I have worked for 5 different airlines and no one has a program like this. (Anonymous pilot, 2014)

Contact us to schedule a class or for more information.

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