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The OODA Loop

Having spent many years studying and teaching self defense from open hand to firearms, I spend a lot of time talking about awareness.  Most often, we talk about Col. Jeff Cooper’s Color Codes of Awareness.  If you have taken a USCCA class you...

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Awareness and Having a Plan

Unfortunately, you can't watch the news and not see a story about someone getting attacked or killed. In Denver alone, violent crime rates have risen 2.7% from 2015 - 2016 according to the UCR report. This can beg the thought - What is the best way to...

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What is US Law Shield?

What is US Law Shield?   As a firearms advocate and educator I feel it is my responsibility to promote responsible firearms use – that includes what to do if you ever find yourself having to use your firearm or any other weapon - even bare...

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What gun should I choose?

What gun should I choose? (originally posted to Targets & Tuners LLC) This question has been asked many times and when I teach a class of new shooters I can almost guarantee someone will ask me that very question. Sometimes, well more often than not, someone will...

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Ammunition – What should I use?

Ammunition - What should I use?   Being a firearms dealer and instructor, I get the question of "What ammo should I use?" quite a bit.  Getting beyond the round nose vs. hollow point (round nose is typically for practice, hollow point for defense/protection) it...

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Now offering Basic Pistol/CCW classes

Starting in October, 2014, we will be offering the NRA Basic Pistol course. This course meets the Colorado, Wyoming and Florida Concealed Handgun Permit Training Requirements.

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Ripped shirts and bruises

Chris, along with Tasson Nique and Dan Vigil has spent 2 days on the set at Paladin Press with Lee Morrison filming the newest Lee Morrison/UC Paladin Press release.  If the video winds up being called Primitive Combatives - that's from me 🙂  Back to what I was...

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