Chris, along with Tasson Nique and Dan Vigil has spent 2 days on the set at Paladin Press with Lee Morrison filming the newest Lee Morrison/UC Paladin Press release.  If the video winds up being called Primitive Combatives – that’s from me 🙂  Back to what I was saying… 2 days of combatives with Lee was an amazing experience.  I will say the man knows what he is doing both from a combatives perspective as well as a filming one – a professional for sure.  The only time he stopped once he started was when a train went by (2 times).  The video will have great material and should be in your collection (and not just because I am in it).  Thanks to Lee and Paladin for allowing me to partake in this experience.

The Paladin guys (Mark and Brad) were great as well – so cheers to them.

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